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Mon a Muu

A VERY French Emmental

If you’ve seen our Cow, keep an eye on the Emmental!

At TGT we want to convey our passion for French cheeses through Emmental, one of the most emblematic products.

Our expertise as master cheesemakers enables us to get closer to the different French terroirs to respect the exquisite craftsmanship displayed in the collection of the milk and its preparation, taking care of the origins to bring the cheese to your plates in the most faithful way possible.

When you have a great deal of respect for the rules of making authentic French Emmental, the result is something unique like Mon a Muu.

Like the very best French cuisine, our Emmental goes with everything while, at the same time, it’s inimitable thanks to its very special taste and texture. Try Mon a Muu with your dishes and discover why Emmental is a cheese renowned throughout the world.

Mon a Muu recipes

Don’t be fooled by its tender French appearance, it can be found in kitchens all over the world, always accompanied by its infallible French Emmental.


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