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Our History

Our History

A passion for good cheese. We ensure the delicious world of cheese is within your reach.

Our motto is “The cheeses of my life”, because we are present in every moment of your life, accompanying you in various gastronomic experiences with a cheese for every occasion and for every palate. Our passion for the world of cheese stems from way back. In 1963, Teodoro Garcia Trabadelo, TGT, began searching for the best varieties of national and international cheeses and set up the business in a small warehouse in Barcelona. At that time, the team consisted of a small workforce and two vehicles which we used to deliver our dairy products. What made us different from other companies was the environment in which we worked: we were a small, close-knit family, maintaining a close and trusting relationship with our customers

One of the factors of the growing demand was the variety of cheeses we produced and distributed, which were difficult to find in the 1960s. Thus, through hard work and effort, we were able to expand our workforce as the business continued to grow. Finally, we found the ideal space in Viladecans, Barcelona, where the group’s head offices were established. The whole TGT team continues in its efforts to ensure you have more choices and take better care of yourself each day, enjoying the taste of good cheese of the highest quality.

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TGT, Teodoro Garcia Trabadelo started a cheese distribution business to bring the best cheeses to every home, a business that would later become a company with more than 900 employees.

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Thanks to the distribution of high-quality cheese brands from various countries such as: France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland, among others, along with the effort and work of many people, the business continued to grow.

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2019 TODAY

We have maintained this culture of effort and teamwork all the way through to today, producing and delivering the finest cheeses to your fridge!

“In the 50 years I’ve been working for the company, we’ve formed one big family that started from scratch.”

Cilinio Álvarez, one of TGT’s first employees.

In addition to our headquarters in Viladecans, we have 17 sales offices in various geographical locations across the country to ensure that the most outstanding cheeses from different regions reach your table. In Spain we have12 of our own factories as well as 2 integrated factories. Our factories produce some of the most extraordinary Spanish cheeses under the European Protected Designation of Origin seal, for products recognised for their differentiated quality. Thanks to the close relationship with our partners, we also import the main European cheeses.


“At TGT it is our mission to satisfy our consumers’ wishes with the best assortment of national and international cheeses. We are committed to quality and to our roots, with our own production of local products throughout practically the entire country.”


“To be the benchmark for cheese in Spain and worthy of the utmost trust.”


Today, we maintain the same company values as we always have with the more than 900 employees that make up TGT. The second generation of the García Trabadelo family leads the company today, and we continue to make our own cheeses by applying the latest technological advances in their manufacturing processes. We work each day as we did in the beginning, with the same tradition and love for our cheeses so that you can continue enjoying the best ones in each and every moment of your life.


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