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At TGT we have the right cheese for your business


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    You will discover the greatest variety of cheeses and dairy products with us, whatever the size of your business.

    At TGT we have not forgotten our humble beginnings, when we had just two vehicles to deliver our dairy products. Although we have grown, at TGT we still offer the same friendly treatment to our customers with our network of 17 regional sales offices and 12 factories that make it possible to achieve an unmatched extensive supply and distribution system.

    Our goal is to ensure we can provide the solution you are looking for, whatever the size of your business. We adapt to your needs. We can develop all types of ad hoc solutions according to the needs of each customer, both in terms of quantity and personalisation of supply formats.

    The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority and with this goal, we adapt to the requirements of each industry and we aim to be not just your supplier but your partner.


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    01 Horeca cheeses

    With our wide range of products, we aim to adapt to the different needs of each and every cook and restaurateur. Service and quality for customers is our main objective.

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    02 Industrial cheeses

    We adapt to the type of product and the format you need because at TGT we have facilities that allow us to respond to all types of orders.

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    We share our passion and our good taste in cheese with you.

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