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These are the cheeses with their own identity and history.

The know-how of the master cheese maker is displayed in these creations using a selection of the best ingredients to recreate cheeses that originate in the soul of a specific place. They make your meals stand out and give them that gourmet touch.

Because of their prestige, craftsmanship and taste, these are the cheeses we all consider to be gourmet products. Open up all five senses, get comfortable and immerse yourself in this experience. It also makes the perfect gift for all occasions.

Gourmet Cheeses

 The “Leyendas de Baztán

01 The “Leyendas de Baztán" Cheeses

These cheeses are unique creations emerging from a valley where legend and history come together to give rise to three very special cheese varieties: Truffle, Txacolí (a dry white wine from the Basque Country) & Brown Ale.

 The Leyendas de Baztán cream spreads

02 The Leyendas de Baztán cream spreads

Black garlic, truffle and caramelised onion are the three varieties used to create these spreads which are ideal for sharing on real gourmet occasions.

Blue Premium

03 Blue Premium

Roncari Blue is created in a place where sheep graze in rich fields and lush plains. A cheese matured for a minimum of six months evoking a sequence of flavours and aromas.


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