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Los Quesos de mi vida

Values and corporate ethics


At TGT it is our mission to satisfy our consumers’ wishes with the best assortment of national and international cheeses. We are committed to quality and to our roots, with our own production of local products throughout practically the entire country.


To be the benchmark for cheese in Spain and worthy of the utmost trust.

The TGT Group’s corporate values and ethical principles:

  • Commitment to the applicable legislation in force: No relationship or commercial activity will be established with anyone who is linked with and/or promotes illicit commercial activities.
  • Good faith and honesty: Commercial relationships must be conducted with clarity, objectivity, seriousness and honesty, avoiding any illegal, unethical or fraudulent conduct.
  • Respect and commitment to the confidentiality of personal data: The confidentiality of personal data accessed as a result of our professional activity must be maintained at all times, even after the activity has ended. It is essential to implement the appropriate security measures to protect confidential or personal data and that of third parties.
  • Respect for people: Harassment, abuse, intimidation, disrespect and a lack of consideration at work are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Relationships based on respect, participation, equality and collaboration will be promoted, fostering a respectful working environment in order to achieve a positive workplace.
  • Anti-corruption and bribery policy: No form of corruption, bribery or influence-peddling will be accepted in the carrying out a professional activity, whether with the public administration or in the private sphere.
  • Occupational risk prevention: The provisions set forth in current and applicable legislation on the prevention of occupational risks must be complied with.
  • Tax and Social Security compliance: Any illegal practice involving the unlawful avoidance of tax payments to the detriment of the Public Treasury and the competent Social Security authorities will be avoided.
  • Transparency in financial and accounting data: The economic-financial information must faithfully reflect the economic, financial and equity reality, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and the applicable international financial reporting standards.
  • Commitment and respect for the environment: A responsible attitude towards the environment will be ensured, as well as a commitment to comply with environmental legislation and the reasonable use of resources. Therefore, any illegal act that is detrimental to the environment must be avoided.
  • Supervision: To ensure that there is a shared awareness of this Code of Ethics throughout the organisation, as well as being able to verify that it is being complied with when necessary.

Ethics Channel 

  • The TGT Group has implemented an Ethics Channel in its organisation and management model to have a preventive effect and enable the detection of any acts or conduct that may be contrary to general or sectoral regulations that may apply in accordance with the Criminal Code in its imposition of “the obligation to report possible risks and non-compliance to the body responsible for monitoring the operation and observance of the prevention model.”
  •  The Ethics Channel is available to all members of our business group and third parties, who may bring the existence of any procedural and organisational weakness that could lead to a criminal risk or the committing of a criminal offence or a failure to act in such a case, to the attention of the Ethics Committee.
  • The TGT Group guarantees confidentiality, anonymity and the absence of any kind of reprisals against the person who has made the facts known. The data will be kept on the system only for as long as is necessary for the investigation of the reported acts. In any case, after three months from the date of the introduction of your personal data, TGT Group may continue to process your data in another environment which meets the legal requirements.

 Complaints may be reported to the Ethics Committee using the following methods:

  1. By sending an e-mail with the subject line: “Ethics channel” to
  2. Through a form for notification of evidence or suspicion of criminal conduct, which can be obtained in physical or digital format upon request, sending it to the attention of the “Compliance Coordinator” at By filling out a form and sending it to


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