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Pazo Do Queixo

Galician cheeses with Designation of Origin

For everyone with an affection for Galicia

It’s said that, among the low mists of Galicia, you can sometimes see a pazo as old as history itself. It’s home to a master cheesemaker who’s determined to create his last great work in order to pass on the legacy of a lifetime. It’s home to a family of master cheesemakers who’ve been perfecting an ancestral technique to pass on the legacy of a cheese from generation to generation. A Queixo with the soul of Galicia, made with the love and passion given it by the place. When you taste it, its intense flavour will remind you of the land that’s seen it grow. Which, at the end of it all, always takes him back home to his family. A queixo that comes from the lands of Galicia as a token of love and gratitude to all the memories. Pazo do Queixo is for everyone. For everyone with an affection for Galicia.

Come and meet our family

Galician cheeses with Designation of Origin

Tetilla PDO

Made with pasteurised milk from Friesian cows and aged for 15 days. It’s semi-soft, smooth and very creamy and it’s the ideal companion for your culinary preparations. It melts and grates very well and it can be used for a multitude of fillings. Find out more in our recipes!

Arzúa Ulloa PDO

Cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk. It’s said that this cheese comes directly from the heart of Galicia and that it evokes the countryside and pastures of the region when it’s sliced. Its aromas are purely lactic, with a scent of fresh milk and butter and sweet nuances.

San Simón PDO

Cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk and lightly smoked. It has a firmer texture due to its 45 days of maturation and its smoky nuances will attract the attention of anyone who’s curious. It’s ideal for pairing with a good dry white wine.

The story of Mi Madriña

That little moment of pleasure, that whim you give yourself when you think you deserve it. To start the day off right or to finish it, to take a break or because our Galician cheeses with Denomination of Origin are incredibly wooow mmmmm Mi Madriña!


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