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TGT Cheese board


  • Tío Restí Rosemary Cheese
  • Cured Manchego PDO El Galán
  • Roncari Blue Goat and Sheep’s Cheese

A cheese board containing our most special and tasty classic cheeses.

Making a cheese board that you can enjoy along with them is very easy. To make the cheeses stand out and hold their flavour, place them on a wooden board and then cut them to your liking. You can complement the table with pickles, aromatic herbs, cherry tomatoes... whatever you fancy!

Rosemary - Covered Cheese

01 Rosemary - Covered Cheese

This is a flavoursome cheese, one with character which that will provide that aromatic touch that will make the difference to your cheese board.

Cured Manchego PDO El Galán

02 Cured Manchego PDO El Galán

A classic cheese that is a must. Made with sheep’s milk produced by the Manchega breed, it is one of the best known and tastiest of cheeses.

Roncari Blue

03 Roncari Blue

Roncari Blue is a pure blue sheep’s cheese with a fine taste and a hint of acidity. It goes very well with accompaniments such as nuts or with toast.


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