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The Manchego Cheese Route

  • Toledo and Murcia


  • Lácteas Guadamur, Toledo
  • Lácteas Toledo, Toledo
  • Especialidades Lácteas, Murcia

Discover the Manchego Cheese Route and the Murcia Cheese Route with the TGT cheese factories.

At Lácteas Toledo and Lácteas Guadamur, we make blue cheese from pasteurised sheep and goat’s milk and Manchego PDO cheese made from sheep’s milk from the Manchega breed. At Especialidades Lácteas, Murcia, we produce fresh and matured goat’s milk cheeses and cheesecakes in a variety of flavours. This cheese and cheesecake route makes for an ideal long-weekend getaway.


Two of the cheese factories are located in Guadamur (Toledo) and can be visited on the same day upon request. About four hours away is the cheese factory in Murcia, where we produce goat’s cheese as well as cheesecakes. You will also be able to enjoy the unique gastronomy and the natural countryside.


01 Lácteas Guadamur (Toledo)

Toledo is the city where you can see the traces of several cultures and lose yourself amongst its narrow streets, the Alcázar fortification and the cathedral as well as its caves. Just twenty minutes away are two of the cheese factories where we make our Manchego PDO cheese and our blue cheese as well as other blended varieties.

Other information:
· Places to spend the night: If you like the idea of being in the city of Toledo and complete relaxation, we recommend the Parador de Toledo. Otherwise, Hesperia is also an ideal choice.
· Suggestions for eating out: Casa Julián, Las Parcelas.







02 Especialidades Lácteas (Murcia)

History, relaxation, walks and fine cuisine define Murcia. You are sure to enjoy a visit to our cheese factory where we make fresh and mature PDO goat’s cheese as well as our cheesecakes. You can arrange a guided tour by appointment by contacting:

Other information:
· Places to spend the night: Hotel Hospedería Almunia in the centre of Caravaca de la Cruz.
· Suggestions for eating out: Plaza Massima located in Caravaca de la Cruz where you can enjoy the local cuisine.








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